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“I think something that sets OptFirst Web Marketing apart is their attentiveness, and an awareness of how everything can shift quickly. It’s great, especially being a small business owner, that I don’t have to worry about that stuff. If there’s an issue, they’re going to reach out to me.”

— Owner and Founder, James Rohr

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Internet Marketing Company in Miami

Why OptFirst

We got into internet marketing to help other businesses grow their existing traffic and use their existing traffic to generate more business from online channels. We literally make clicks turn into conversions.

Let’s first start off with the fundamentals. We only accept one client per industry and geographic location. That means we don’t pin our clients against their competitors for a quick buck. We also have the best programmers in the industry that can create any website or fix any technical issue. We consult with our clients and make proactive plans for their campaigns. Our problem solving skills are constantly tested in the always evolving online landscape. We perpetually monitor our campaigns. If something out of the normal arises, we notice and figure out a solution, often times before a client can see that something was off.

After we have the basics covered, we move on to get the big picture for our clients. This includes market analysis, competitive analysis and user traffic analysis. We do financial projections to see what type of ROI we can expect from any suggested campaign.
Simply put, our mission is to turn clicks into conversions

Search, Websites & Conversions

OptFirst specializes in integrated search marketing. Search is proven to be one of the highest converting media opportunities of possible marketing spends. Why? Because the advertising company captures the audience looking for the exact product or service at the exact moment they need it. They already have the sense of urgency built in. They need a phone number and a contact box to get a quote. What we do is put companies in front of the consumers by organic, paid and local search through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click Advertising) via Google AdWords & Bing Ads, Google Shopping, ReMarketing, Facebook Ads, and Google/Bing maps.

We build websites that not only look great but also perform, drive targeted actions and invite consumer interaction. Our sites have powerful tools that track, monitor, measure and test every visitor action and intention. We know where to drive the website traffic and get people to contact our clients. Once a consumer finds a company via search – they will also check their online reputation. 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much a personal recommendation so it’s very important to showcase your happy clients. When you seamlessly integrate all these aspects – the results are powerful. You have clicks that also lead to conversions. You have increased customers, sales and company growth.

Search Engine Optimization
Corporate Reputation Management
Conversion Optimization
Google Certified Partner
Pay Per Click Marketing
Website Reinclusion Requests
Analytic Tracking Integration
Website Optimization
Mobile Programming
Website Code Optimization
Social Media Platform Integration
Facebook Advertising
Strategy Consulting
User Traffic Analysis
Optimized Landing Pages
Straight Forward Campaigns

What we do

OptFirst utilizes what makes companies leaders in their industry to promote them to first on local and organic searches. We use competitive market analysis, honest campaigns, code optimization and our 8 step SEO plan to rank clients first. And to top it all off, we have our own proprietary campaign dashboard that measures real-time results.

Have a Bad Rep or none at all? OptFirst can help you build a solid positive reputation online. Make sure your happy customers have a voice online and really reflect your business. Learn how to make bad reviews a thing of the past.

OptFirst paid search campaign management turns clicks into conversions. We are Google Certified Adwords Partners, so trust OptFirst with your paid search campaigns. We use the best landing page testing techniques to A/B test traffic to get the highest amount of quality conversions. Click here to read more about a showcased A/B test.

Everything we do at OptFirst is deliberately done to drive online traffic into real conversions. This means that clicks turn into customers and clients. We use beautifully and strategically designed websites to turn clicks into conversions. Each part of our internet marketing campaigns have an integrated approach to gain more leads, clients and grow your business.

John Kriney, OptFirst Founder

The Most Sought After Search Marketing Expert for CEOs

Looking To Grow Their SEO and SEM to The Next Level

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Optfirst Team
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Lindsey Diffley V.P. Operations

Lindsey Diffley

V.P. Operations

Lindsey Diffley
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