Search Engine Optimization

Is your business hidden under a pile of Google search results? Whether you are on the second page, the fifth page or not showing up at all, OptFirst can help.

OptFirst has been optimizing websites for organic traffic and search ranking positions since 2001, at the very beginning of Google and in the prime of Yahoo!. Through years of hands-on experience including two decades of trial and error along with extensive research, we have curated unique and targeted SEO plans that concentrate on three areas vital for organic success.

Technical SEO: Set up your website for success

Technical SEO forms the foundation of all successful organic marketing efforts. You can curate beautiful original content and create hundreds of backlinks, but if your website is not set up and coded correctly, your efforts won’t be adequately rewarded. Before we start work on any campaign OptFirst performs a complete audit of your website answering questions such as: How is it built? How fast is it? Are all pages indexing? Are you utilizing rich results? Is the sitemap working and complete? Among others. This information will provide an outline of what needs to be completed in order to provide the best user experience for both your website visitors and Google’s crawlers.

On-page SEO: Put your content to work

After your website is technically sound and ready for new visitors, we perform an audit of your website’s content along with extensive keyword research. How are users looking for the services you provide and does that phrasing appear on your website where it should? We optimize your meta information and main traffic pages to match the results of the keyword research. This research is ongoing to stay on top of new and involving search trends within your industry to keep your website content as current as possible. Also included within our on-page seo work is the regular curation of new and unique content to add not only through blogs, but as press releases, social media posts and stories.

Off-page SEO: Building reputation with Google

Old school SEO has become less of a focus in recent years as more and more emphasis is placed on factors like website speed and content, but it’s just as important as ever to create strong and dependable links back to your website. We carry out a comprehensive off-page optimization strategy including the creation and/or optimization of your business's profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp and other well known social media platforms; the creation and regular updating of core online directories and citations; and regular news and press release distribution.

Tools and Tracking

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are closely monitored and optimized. For Google Analytics that includes daily monitoring of all core website metrics along with setting up custom reports; lead, sales, and phone call goals; and conversion funnel tracking. For Search Console that will include daily monitoring and fixing of any indexing errors, amp errors, mobile usability errors, and continued optimization of website speed through Google's core website vitals. Location and service specific keyword reports are set up and monitored daily.