Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Is your business hidden in google’s search results? OptFirst can help propel your business to the 1st page. OptFirst has years of experience helping business owners reach their full online potential.

How We Do It

John Kriney – founder of OptFirst and author of the Search Engine Marketing Manual – uses the 8 Step SEO Plan, his own proven online marketing strategy, to make your website rank 1st.

Step 1:Migrate – move all account info into one shared and visible account
Step 2:Validate – confirm and update all contact info across the web
Step 3:Originate – use proprietary citation list to build directories
Step 4:Replicate – discover and build every link of clients’ competitors

Step 5:Differentiate – find and create links that competitors do not have
Step 6:Calculate – continuous tracking of keywords, trends and link building
Step 7:Investigate – review, plan, and seek opportunities to improve
Step 8:Duplicate – revisit the 7 previous steps since the online landscape is always changing

OptFirst SEO Campaigns

Create the SEO Audit

We’ll start by having a kick-off meeting to review the audit and get your feedback on where we plan to focus our efforts so we all know we’re on the page starting out.

Set-Up Tools

We’ll make sure your analytics tools are set up properly and configure Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to measure what traffic is contributing to your sales conversion.

We use other valuable tools like Moz that provide information on where your links are coming from, competitive analysis, keyword research tools, brand monitoring, and more.

On-Site Optimization

Based on the audit, we’ll execute any necessary changes to your site which may include things like content edits, changing the title and meta description, updating your robots.txt and XML sitemap, using 301 redirects, and making usability tweaks to the design.

Ongoing Services:

Landing Pages

Landing pages help you rank for targeted keywords and we’ll help you develop them. Instead of one page trying to rank for multiple keywords, it’s better to create a separate page for every keyword you want to target. The page should contain valuable, in-depth content that’s way better than your competitors. The more useful and comprehensive your landing page, the higher Google will place in their search rankings.

Link Building

This is where we engage with people to receive links. The goal is to get high quality vs. high volume links as Google penalizes sites that have too many low-quality links. How will we do this?

Engaging influencers associated with your brand, commenting on their blog articles, sharing their social media posts, and eventually sending them emails requesting links.

Publishing high-quality, free content and posting it to social media. This is what’s known as link bait. It could be a free tool like a pricing calculator, an e-book, an in-depth guide on a topic that’s important to them and relevant to your brand, or a helpful info-graphic.

Engaging and contributing to forums, groups, and other more targeted communities that are likely to share and blog about your content.
Reaching out to the press and relevant bloggers for media coverage, interviews, and product reviews.

Measurement and Optimization

We’ll review Google Analytics and other metrics tools to make sure we’re staying on track with our goals.

We’ll perform ongoing keyword research and analyze your place in them.

We’ll uncover where you should be ranking and what traffic will drive the most revenue.

We’ll alter your website accordingly by building pages and content to rank for the most valuable keywords.

Additional Recommendations

For a more holistic approach, we also recommend a social media strategy or an inbound marketing strategy and retainer.

Package Building

At Optfirst we build unique packages for every client based on their industry, location targeting, and budget constraints. To speak with an account manager to see how OptFirst could best help your business call us or request more information