Paid Advertising Management

Paid Advertising Management

Having trouble managing your paid advertising? Starting for the first time and don’t know what to do? We can help. Our management staff gives each campaign daily personal attention that cultivates calls, leads, and sales for your business.

Pay Per Click campaigns can drive the highest ROI of any advertising efforts. It’s completely measurable so we can keep track of all conversions and where and why people are buying. Google Search reaches potential buyers at the precise moment they’re searching for your product.

Services Include:

How We Do It

In his newest book, The Search Engine Marketing Manual President of OptFirst, John Kriney, explains The Ten Y’s of Pay Per Click management.  OptFirst utilizes this proven method of running Pay Per Click campaigns across multiple online platforms to boost calls leads and sales for our clients.

Step 1:   Quantify – Clearly define your campaign goals
Step 2:   Verify – Verify your account information across all platforms
Step 3:   Solidify – Install conversion tracking for all customer actions
Step 4:   Nullify – Add negative key phrases to stay relevant
Step 5:   Spy – Use 3rd party tools to see what you’re missing

Step 6:   AMPlify – Be as mobile-friendly as possible
Step 7:   Diversify – Continue to add layers as your campaign grows
Step 8:   Intensify – Increase budgets to lock down the campaign
Step 9:   Simplify – Remove the “low hanging fruit”
Step 10: Testify – Begin to benchmark new goals

Google Ads

OptFirst is a Google Certified Partner and has the experience and ability to track and analyze traffic data to maximize sales, calls and form conversion. OptFirst has proven results when it comes to Google Pay Per Click management and other types of Google advertising. Driving down the Cost Per Click (CPC) up to 122% in some cases. We focus on unique ads, high click-through rates, and higher conversion rates.

We also focus on google remarketing. Remarketing is a great way to re-connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or inquiry. It allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website – as they browse elsewhere around the internet. We can create lists to market across many different platforms including the Google Search and Display networks, YouTube, Facebook and this is done across all devices including Mobile.

One of the greatest advantages of remarketing is that it’s an extremely cost-effective marketing method. We are able to build marketing lists for less expensive traffic compared to search ads. On the Google Display Network – 80% of all websites feature Google remarketing ads at a lower cost per click – we’ve often seen 1/10th of the cost compared to a Google search ad.

Google Shopping

Shopping campaigns put your product images, price, and business name right in front of people searching on Google, no matter what device they’re using. You only pay when people click through to visit your website or view your local inventory.

Google Shopping ads appear alongside Google search results when people search for the products you’re selling. So you’re not only are you serving an ad to someone searching, but you’re also gaining impressions. Google Shopping is typically between 30-50% less expensive than text ads.

Facebook Marketing (Includes Instagram)

Facebook allows an advertiser to reach an exact audience. The greatest benefit of social media marketing is reaching a highly targeted audience. Optfirst specializes in creating a high converting channel for your ads that reaches your exact client base through demographic research and ongoing campaign optimization.

Facebook offers a unique opportunity to build awareness around your targeted community and audience. Using engaging videos and quality photos OptFirst creates campaigns that engage a specific type of user and drives them to want to learn more about what our clients are offering. Creating a buzz about your business with the right market will lead to traffic increases, which can, in turn, lead to new business.

While our clients are building a successful Facebook reputation through an awareness campaign, OptFirst simultaneously runs campaigns designed to capture leads and sales. The two objectives work together to gain a potential client’s trust and spark their interest before asking them to either give their information or make a qualifying purchase. This leads to higher conversion rates and better quality leads.

Ad Examples:

Package Options

At Optfirst we build unique packages for every client based on their industry, location targeting, and budget constraints. To speak with an account manager to see how OptFirst could best help your business call us or request more information