FirstFirms: Your Prescription for Dominating Google Rankings

firstfirms urgent care marketing

Mastering the Digital Health Landscape In an era where the digital landscape shapes the success of businesses, medical practices are no exception. If you’re seeking to position your urgent care clinic at the forefront of Google searches, FirstFirms is your prescription for success. Let’s explore the proven techniques, unique features, and comprehensive services that make […]

Web Design Typography

The purpose of typography in web design is to effectively communicate a written message on your website.  Typography defines which typeface, type size, color, line height, and letter shapes you’re going to use to communicate the message in an effective way. Those factors must be carefully chosen because they need to be aligned with the […]

What social media platform is right for your business?

Not every business needs to have a presence on every social media platform. For example, does a law firm need a Snapchat account? Unlikely. Does your real estate firm need a Zillow or a Trulia account? Absolutely.  To make the most out of social media, a business should focus on platforms where their clients and […]

Making a Website, Made Easy – WordPress – Part III

These are the last three steps you Should take to launch a successful ecommerce site: Step 7. Choose and install useful plugins. There are MANY wordpress plugins out there for optimizing your website, from speeding up your site to quality of life plugins for your backend! Step 8. Add Meta Titles and Descriptions. Improve your […]

Making a Website, Made Easy – WordPress – Part I

Have you ever wondered what it would take to build a website for you or your business? Below we explain in 9 short steps what it would take to launch a successful ecommerce website. Step 1. Decide if WordPress is right for you.  WordPress is a medium complexity content management system. A third of all […]

The Importance of a Successful User Interface Design

If you’ve ever browsed a website or app that seemed overly complicated or unorganized, you probably closed that window or app and tried another one… Those businesses are losing potential clients and customers. Successful websites are built with a User Interface (UI) Design. These designs are able to couple beautiful concepts with streamlined and easy […]

Where is the Bounce Rate in Google Analytics 4?

Let’s keep it simple: there is no Bounce Rate in GA4 – or Session Duration, either. What you’re looking for is Engagement Rate. And here’s how it works Every time Google Analytics updates there’s always some kind of Earth-shaking shift.  In this case, it’s the recent disappearance of Bounce Rate – the internet traffic metric […]

How Color Affects Branding

Google ads Colors are a powerful tool that can significantly impact a user’s first impression and overall website experience.  Your color choice might be the most important branding decision you make.  Having a recognizable signature color can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. A great color palette creates a level of company personality that […]

Campaign Tracking and Analytics in a Shared Workspace – Part III

The steps outlined in our social media posts about SEO, SEM, Paid Social, Reputation Management, and Analytics provide a clear plan to run online marketing efforts.  They are OptFirst’s foundation – our blueprint for running successful and profitable online campaigns.  Along the way, as your online marketing improves, remember to always think about campaigns from […]

Campaign Tracking and Analytics in a Shared Workspace – Part II

OptFirst uses our very own proprietary dashboard called CampaignDash as the workspace we share with our clients. Before we connect them to their CampaignDash account, we provide login information and always give clients a tour of the platform.  Through this shared dashboard, we can all connect with popular analytic account services like Google Analytics, Google […]