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Whats our Secret to Great SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful way to increase a website’s traffic and sales, but it can also potentially risk damage when done improperly. For any advertising agencies online, to say that they are number one can be so easy, but staying true to their word can also be hard to determine. However, we, at Optfirst, make sure to act what we preach!

Using innovative web marketing techniques is what we are known for and when we say innovative web marketing techniques, we mean business. Here at Optfirst, we don’t just go online and provide internet
marketing solutions that barely work; we always make sure that we are well-informed with the ever-changing rules of SEO and that we are able to adapt to these changes quickly and easily. With the help of our ever-reliable internet marketing specialists, Optfirst is definitely one of the top
online advertising agencies today. Here, take a look at the techniques we provide to optimize each of our client’s website:
Competitive Analysis:

Before any business owner can open their business, conducting a Competitive Analysis must be done first, which is exactly how we do it at Optfirst. The difference is, we conduct not just a detailed report of your
business’s direct competitors and target market, but also a complete report of what your targeted keywords are. Known as Keyword Research, this particular step gives us a chance to determine which keywords to use to optimize your company website and giving you the benefit of ranking higher on top search engines. In addition to this, we also conduct Website Analysis of your company homepage, which allows us to check if your website is appealing enough for your target market. This will give our clients a chance to have their company website re-designed through the help of one of our skilled web designers. It is also in this stage where Optfirst provides on-page optimization and content development – a process that will determine how customer-friendly your company website is, determining whether your company website is relevant enough.From the above-mentioned steps, we come
up with a solid plan on how to run your internet marketing campaign with proper web marketing solutions.
Social Media Marketing:

Each internet marketing specialist at Optfirst is very well versed with the Social Media industry and this is where your company website’s internet marketing campaign starts. From signing up to some of the most popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Myspace, to the high ranking blog sites today including WordPress, Blogger, and Squidoo, Optfirst will make sure that your company is visible in some of the well-known Social Media websites today. And even if your company already
exists in the said social networking sites, Optfirst will help you promote your business in so many other ways aside from Social Media Marketing.

At Optfirst, making sure that your company website will be seen and known by your target market is important. Through creating original contents with links redirecting to the different sections in your website
that will be distributed to several WordPress Sites and high ranking WordPress-generated websites, Optfirst provides Link Web. This particular step helps your company website to be visible in search engines. When we say company website, we don’t just mean your homepage, but also the most important sub-pages in your company website. This gives these your website’s subpages a chance to rank in search engines as well, helping your company website to increase even more traffic, as well as sales.
Link Building:

The Social Media Marketing is the start of the link building process but here at Optfirst, we provide more than just that. The Link Building part is where the Monthly Submissions happen, which includes Search
Engine Submissions, Google Site Map Submissions (especially if your business isn’t registered on Google Maps yet), Directory and Local Business Centers Submissions. This local listings part is definitely the most important of all, especially if your business caters to local audience. We, here
at Optfirst, assigns our internet marketing specialists to submit your company website and details to high PR local directories and local listings, sharing your company’s contact details for prospect clients and customers who are interested in availing your service. Optfirst also provide reviews
about your business in these said local business centers. This will give your business maximum exposures, helping you gain more clients from your neighborhood (and possibly interesting customers from other cities, as well)! It is also in the Link Building part when Optfirst conducts a Wide
Content Distribution. From coming up with originally-written articles and press releases linked to different sections of your website and the other links we have created for you, Optfirst will submit these contents to different sources with high page ranking on Google today. Moreover, these said
contents will also be published in different article and press release websites, forums, bookmarking,and social networking sites; allowing your website to gain even more traffic and exposure on search engines.
On-Going Maintenance:

Some online advertising agencies stop once all their internet marketing techniques are done. This is where a web marketing service fails. Optfirst, on the other hand, stops at nothing. We simply repeat the process and make sure that we create more contents, link more pages, and submit even more originally-written articles to different websites being mentioned above. Our On-Going Maintenance service is also the part where we keep researching for new keywords for your website, submitting your contact details to new local listing sites, and distributing more contents to high ranking websites. It is also in this process where we provide detailed information of all the things we did for your company website. A Monthly Report is submitted to each of our clients, with links redirecting to all the contents we did for your business over the last month. This will allow our clients to assess which particular web marketing techniques work and not, giving us a chance to improve on the ones that don’t excel much and boost even more the ones that are proven effective.

Above all, one of the most important things that separate Optfirst from other internet marketing agencies isn’t only the web marketing techniques and services that we offer, but also our passion to optimize each of our client’s website; assuring that your business sales and web traffic will increase, making sure that your company will gain a high ROI (return of investment).