What’s On-Page SEO?

Since SEO is all about improving results in search engines, it’s important to know how search engines rank your site. And as we’ve learned, one of the key factors they consider is user experience – especially performance, usability, and speed.

Referred to as technical SEO, optimizing a webpage for these elements involves fixing or improving the code and content.

Some business owners ignore many aspects of on-page SEO while marketing teams tend to emphasize off-page links and reputation building simply because they’re not really sure how to optimize their website.

That’s why John Kriney, President of OptFirst Internet Marketing, created The 8-point On-Page SEO Plan – an easy to follow website optimization road map for beginners.

A proven plan that covers the basics of everything from technical SEO (mobile speed, indexing, etc.), to content creation, each step examines one important potential optimization you can make to improve your website’s Google rankings.

For the next 8 days, we will go over John’s formula step by step, so follow along each day, and let us know how your website is doing!