What I Learned from a Famous Photography Company

There is a true story about a company, who dominated the whole last century in the photographic market.

At the end of the 70’s the company became the king of the field with more than a 90% of sales on photography consumables. However in the late of the 90’s, they began having financial problems. The question is why?

Since the company thought the American consumers would never forget their brand they did not want to move fully into the digital photography market.

The company’s inability to see digital photography as a disruptive technology would continue their decline in sales.

They slowed down their development to the new Digital era for fear it would threaten their other analogical products.

They saw this situation as a threat for their long established business. Unfortunately, fears became reality and they had to filed for bankruptcy.

But the lesson is there for all of us.

Are you seeing your actual situation as a threat or like an opportunity to become stronger?