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Website Conversion Optimization

Expert Web Design & Programming for Conversions

OptFirst is an expert in creating optimized website design focused on getting more conversions from traffic. We use a variety of techniques and experience to tweak website design so that we get tons of people to make call to actions!

Website Conversion Optimization Case Study

We started on a website redesign and SEO project for a client. Their old site was strung together HTML pages that were disorganized and not converting traffic. ¬†While we were working on the website redesign project, we started the SEO campaign. The SEO campaign gained huge strides and the site went from the bottom of 3rd page of Google to the bottom of the 1st page in a few short months. The biggest issue was the client’s site wasn’t seeing conversion results.

After working together with the client’s marketing team, we redesigned their site to make it intuitive, optimized, perfectly programmed and kept the project in line with the company’s goals. We debuted the new website, and then immediately the client’s site jumped to the top 3 results on Google and received over 60 leads in a 2 month period from all over the country!

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