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What’s inside this book?

SEO Onpage

Optimizing the web page for performance and usabality and speed.This involves fixing or improving the code as well as content.The content of the page context of text,video and images

Landing Page Blueprint

8 Step product page checklist

SEO Offpage

Running the online compaign to build authority for the website through citation,references,mentions and links in order to gain credibility with the search enginges

Ecommerce onpage checklist

Guides to review Your Ecommerce page for max conversations

SEM Compaigns

Does 1 [SEM] + 1 [SEM] = 2

Reputation Mangement Plan

8 Step Reputation Mangement Plan Step

SEM Landig Pages

An important on-page part on the SEM Compaign is the landing page.Once you have created a landing page run A/B testing to test small changes that could make a huge impact on conversations.

Compaign Tracking

In order to know if your online marketing compaigns are working you have to have a workspace where the entire team can see performance and analytics