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Types of Advertising Strategies

Advertising Techniques

Are re you wondering what advertising strategy is appropriate for your website or products and services? You must first know what the different types of advertising strategies are so you can apply it to your business and see how it can help increase your website traffic, search ranking and bring in conversions that will boost your profits.

Are you familiar with the acronym SEO or Search Engine Optimization? This is a great advertising area to start with to recognize the importance of internet advertising. When a website is highly ranked in search engines, there is an increase in web traffic, so the more your website appears on the top search engine result based on keywords, the more you generate traffic to your site. Once a potential customer is on your website, the goal is to convert them into a client. If you’re in a service based industry, we recommend putting call to actions like “Request a Quote”, “Quick Quote”, “Call for Consultation”, etc. If you are selling a product online, it’s important to optimize the product landing page so that people will buy your product. This not only includes desktop version of websites, but also mobile, as more than 50% of all online searches are done on mobile devices.

Another advertising strategy is internet marketing. While internet marketing includes SEO in it’s mix, it also includes e-mail marketing – not used to just flood your clients’ inbox – but to maintain a good relationship between you and your target clients while sending updates, promotions and tip about your industry. Social media marketing is another great internet marketing tactic. When properly done and shows brand authenticity – this can generate a great audience popularity. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Myspace and the like can show your brand’s personality and is an important part of online social recognition.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s more important than a creative, well designed, strategic website? Not only does it communicate with your clients in terms of eye-catching designs but it defines your business through content marketing. The most important goal of your website is getting conversions. Your website should be a vessel from search engine to you. When someone searches your key words and clicks on your website, the potential customer needs to get in contact with you and it’s important to make this an easy, seamless process to get the highest conversion rates.

This is a basic outline of some advertising strategies. To learn more about any internet marketing tactics, contact OptFirst and we will be happy to help you navigate through the different advertising strategies. We team together with clients so that they can focus on making their services and products stronger and we to get their website ranked in search engines and provide a great, highly converting website.