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High definition images and crisp graphics have a powerful magnetic effect on the human eye and are easily adaptable to websites and social media.  

If your imagery has a sharp aesthetic and a professional tone, the chances of getting views and clicks are exponentially higher than just running with some text or jamming out a fuzzy picture.

Strong imagery also pumps life into products and services, engaging your audience’s curiosity on social media while making your content worthy of a higher ranking on search engines.

You don’t have to be an artist. It just takes having the right team in your corner.

What Makes a Great Marketing Image
1.       A picture is worth a thousand words – choose them wisely or your audience won’t listen!  Sometimes less is more, just make your point.
2.       Definition and detail are key to visual engagement. Blurry pictures repel audiences.
3.       The use of symmetry, depth, framing, negative space, perspective, and other visual composition techniques can compel viewers to take action.
4.       A little color theory goes far.  Have fun with it, but always make sure your choices match.
5.   Establish a marketing theme – whether that be a color scheme, style, etc. – to help brand your product or service for future promotion. 
Can you think of some iconic logos and images that incorporate any of these principles?