To be successful, a post needs to be designed to engage an audience, a process that takes time and resources.

For example; every post on our account is a collaboration between a graphic designer, copywriter, and supervising manager. This allows each individual to focus on their strengths to maximize engagement on every angle. This doesn’t mean an entire team is necessary for a good post, but if you’re working alone try to focus on two key steps.

Step one is design and graphics. Nothing pulls the audience’s attention like a stunning image to pull them to your products or service.

Step two is content that solicits trust. Once you’ve hooked the audience with your image, now’s the time to show them you know what you’re talking about and have what they need.

These are good places for a small business to start when developing posts on any platform. But for any help creating compelling content for any venture, reach out to an online marketing agency that can adapt to your needs and the changing digital landscape.