Social Media vs. COVID-19 Crisis

Since COVID-19’s emergence, social media has experienced a drastic increase in usage, serving to keep the community entertained, connected, and informed.

However, there’s no denying these are tough times for all and no amount of social media can help that struggle.

That said, apps like Instagram and Facebook are helping keep businesses afloat by keeping them and their clientele in touch while facilitating commerce during the pandemic.

With ad costs dropping across all platforms, there is a silver-lining as brands can interact with their audience and provide some semblance of comfort.

Businesses who cut back spending in certain areas are reinvesting that money into websites, online marketing, and social media ads to keep their brand alive while engaging customers.

Meanwhile, People Are Spending 20% More Time in social media.

By increasing the digital presence budget, companies can connect with existing customers while fostering new relationships with potential patrons and bringing everyone a little respite.

Today, like never before, brands need to move toward the entirety of their marketing, including social media, in a deliberate way.

How are you using social media to fight back against COVID-19?