SEM Campaigns: 10 Y’s: Step 3. Solidify

When kicking off a Google marketing campaign, it’s critical to start from a solid base.  Enter the third of the 10 Y’s Campaign Plan for Google Ads: Solidify. 

To solidify a Google Ads marketing campaign, start by checking the tracking codes on all the landing pages. Then, double-check your conversion codes in the “shopping cart” and “thank you” pages.

Follow up by creating a list of keywords for the initial Google Ads campaign to target.  Then assemble a group of well-researched key phrases that match the core business services or products. 

After running the campaign for a week, examine their scores to discover which keywords and ad groups were most successful – focus on these to get more out of your initial test budget.

If there is limited traffic or you’re not meeting business goals, change the key phrase match type and tool around with these until satisfied. This is essential for getting a campaign in a position to start delivering a positive ROI. 

How solid is the keyword foundation of your Google Ads campaign?