SEM Campaigns: 10 Y’s Campaign Plan for Google Ads

Google Ads includes paid listings, click-to-call promotions, and other marketing features designed to put your business at the top of a search engine results page.  However, it’s wise to know which will be the most profitable and best achieving business goals. 

Thankfully, OptFirst’s 10 Y’s Campaign Plan for Google Ads can walk anyone through the process. 

The first of the 10 Y’s is quantify.  To begin, clearly define what a profitable campaign looks like for you or your client and have figures ready before setting up a campaign.  

Once the marketing starts, stricter goals will replace loosely defined ones that may be incompatible with what you hoped to achieve.

Write these goals down and circulate them to everyone involved.  This will get everyone on the same page concerning the amount of capital going into a campaign so no one goes over budget.

Have you quantified your Google Ads goals?