SEM Campaigns: 10 Y’s Campaign Plan for Google Ads – Step 8: Intensify

This is the most satisfying step in every SEM campaign. 

Once online marketing is at optimum performance  – proven to have a profitable and predictable ROI – it’s time to intensify the campaign, step 8 in the 10 Y’s Campaign Plan for Google Ads.

For example, if we have three campaigns running where the average ROI on marketing spend is 5:1 and the total spend is at $5K that means the campaigns have led to $25K in sales. 

If the available funding between the three campaigns is 50%, the next logical step is to increase the spending to $10K.  

By wisely disbursing this new capital into the successful Google Ads investments we can increase the odds of reaching $50K in sales. 

Are you ready to take advantage of your profits by making some more?