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SEM Campaigns: 10 Y’s Campaign Plan for Google Ads – Step 7: Diversify

For most search campaigns, the growing list of key phrases should be divided into different ad groups, each with individual ad text and imagery. 

This brings us around to diversify, step 7 in the 10 Y’s Campaign Plan for Google Ads.

This means diversifying existing campaigns by identifying which methods yield the best return on investment. 

By identifying successful keywords, businesses can hyper-target niches specific to their industry.

At OptFirst, we’ve seen these key phrases convert better and at a lower cost when they’re separated into individual campaigns or ad groups.

This technique will increase ad performance, quality score, click-through rates, and conversions.

Next try some new campaign types that you may not have run before. Introduce remarketing to existing campaigns as a targeting option and add Google Shopping campaigns if relevant. 

The idea is simple: always be in search of the best performing ads that deliver a positive ROI.

Is your business’s keyword net diverse enough to catch all the relevant niche fish?