SEM Campaigns: 10 Y’s Campaign Plan for Google Ads – Step 5: Spy

Discerning which keywords apply to an internet marketing campaign is key to achieving profitable results.  This requires a little bit of ingenuity and careful use of resources, bringing us around to spy, step 5 in the 10 Y’s Campaign Plan for Google Ads.

Every good spy has a range of nifty gadgets to save the day and the digital espionage game is no different.  

At OptFIrst, we use third-party tools for keyword research – like Google keyword discovery, SpyFu, and SEMRush – to examine what works not just for our clients, but their competitors as well.

This may seem sly, but these tools are available to everyone so it’s in your business’s best interest to take advantage of these opportunities.  

In many cases, we’ve used them to turn losing campaigns 180 degrees, satisfying our clients and theirs. 

The fact of the matter is your most successful competitors are likely applying the same techniques.  It’s time to level the playing field.

Is your website utilizing internet spycraft to channel your digital 007?