One of the most effective yet difficult things to do when dealing with a bad review is reporting it legitimately so that it will be flagged – fourth in OptFirst’s 8 Step Reputation Management Plan.

Though it may not be fun, go through the effort to flag all fake, inaccurate, and/or negative reviews about your company. These will damage your company’s reputation and spread disinformation to potential clients who could benefit from services. You might be losing a lot of legitimate business because of a disgruntled client with a Google account who is dissatisfied after you broke your back to help.  

True or false, online reviews will affect your bottom line. 

Be patient, persistent, and knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with platforms.  Read their regulations for postings and discover how to peacefully deescalate these situations. Report reviews that are shady or violate the platform’s rules. 

Sometimes, your only recourse will be a professional response getting into the specifics of a situation while offering to fix the problem in a manner within you means

How does your company deal with online criticism?