Let’s examine two situations and discuss the pros and cons of each.  

Option 1:  You have 10k followers on Instagram. You post twice every day. You receive 100-200 likes per post. 

Option 2: You have 4k followers on Instagram. You post once every day. You receive between 600-1,000 likes per post.

Many people will choose the first option because they will get excited about the possibility of having 10k followers. 

However,  the second option is clearly better.


Simple: you want your followers to engage with your post, more engagement, more likely that they will buy from you.  It’s better to have five good active followers than 100 ghost followers. You also want your post to make an impact on your followers. 

Make sure you aren’t sacrificing great content! It’s always better to post one good engaging picture rather than two mediocre updates per day.  

which option you would prefer ?