OptFirst’s Secret Sauce

Internet marketing is kind of like cooking. To prepare the perfect dish you need to gather the right ingredients, follow steps for preparation, and monitor progress carefully so you don’t overcook your plates.

That’s the concept behind OptFirst’s 8 Step SEO Plan. John Kriney – founder of OptFirst and author of the Online Marketing Manual – has created a secret recipe for online promotional success based on proven principles of success.

Engineered to optimize online marketing, The 8 Step SEO Plan is our online marketing strategy that’s helped affiliate websites rank on any search engines 1st page.

So what’s the trick?

Check it out:

Step 1: Migrate – move all account info into one shared and visible account
Step 2: Validate – confirm and update all contact info across the web
Step 3: Originate – use proprietary citation list to build directories
Step 4: Replicate – discover and build every link of clients’ competitors
Step 5: Differentiate – find and create links that competitors do not have
Step 6: Calculate – continuous tracking of keywords, trends and link building
Step 7: Investigate – review, plan, and seek opportunities to improve
Step 8: Duplicate – revisit the 7 previous steps since the online landscape is always changing

Cooking can be fun if you have the right ingredients.

Does your business have the right ingredients for a promising internet marketing strategy?