Optfirst Internet Marketing has just expanded in size!   The Miami Shores-based Internet marketing agency removed the wall between their original office and space formerly occupied by their neighbor on September 7th, 2018.  This expansion doubles the square footage of OptFirst’s physical location and creates a space that will make things more efficient.

The office expansion reflects OptFirst’s continued contributions to the fast-growing world of Internet marketing and web development. It’s also a necessity since increasing demand for Internet advertising and development services means more space for new employees and client presentations. OptFirst has grown from humble beginnings in 2004, to now running a bustling team of marketing and technical experts.

The new space has a pristine modern and spacious reception area and wide windows throughout. The wooden parquet flooring, and a comfortable conference room.

“I’m very excited that we’re expanding into a larger space.  This demonstrates just how committed the team is to sustained growth and success,” commented John Kriney, President of OptFirst.  “OptFirst is bigger than any one individual. Already greater than the sum of our parts, the bigger office is a key tool in our mission to provide industry-leading digital services to our clients.”

Parker Lake is an Account Manager at OptFirst Internet Marketing – a Google Premier Partner.  Coming from a development agency and a corporate sales background, he has a laser-like focus on improving his clients’ bottom line.  The team of content experts, programmers, and marketing analysts at OptFirst help organizations make more money through better use of internet advertising, better websites, and better mobile apps.   

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