On-Page SEM Optimization –  Importance of landing pages

A critical component of an on-page search engine marketing (SEM) campaign is the landing page.

A  landing page is a standalone web page created solely for an online advertising campaign where visitors “land” after they click on a link in an ad from anywhere on the net. But to take advantage of their full potential, landing pages should be tested for strengths and weaknesses. 

To ensure you’re getting the most out of a landing page, run A/B testing once it’s been created and examine small changes that could make a huge impact on conversions.

During an A/B test, 2 variations of a page’s element are compared – 50% of the traffic from the SEM campaign will run to one landing page and the other 50% to the other. By creating 2 different landing pages one can assess what features work best and which don’t.

It’s important to ensure the traffic, time of day, day of the week, and user profile is split evenly between both pages. OptFirst has been able to boost conversions by 121% simply just changing the text color on a page, confirming the value of this strategy.

 Small changes can make huge differences. 

Are your landing pages as effective as they can be?