LinkedIn Propels Internet Marketing Forward but OptFirst Puts Businesses Ahead of the Competition

LinkedIn is the only true “professional social network,” making its marketing possibilities powerful tools for branding and sales. With statistics showing over 40% of business-to-business marketers claim it’s their preferred platform thanks to its ad versatility and ability to generate relevant leads, LinkedIn is used for a lot more than just hiring employees.

LinkedIn helps businesses expand their network exponentially, promoting their interests through business-to-business advertising, precise client targeting, and social interactions – if applied correctly.

Here’s how OptFirst uses LinkedIn’s versatile and calculable internet marketing abilities to put your business in front of the right people, propelling it to the front of the industry where it belongs.

LinkedIn Ad Types and Bidding Options

LinkedIn offers 3 ways to advertise, providing the ability for a multipronged marketing approach that is perfect for discovering viable connections.

LinkedIn Ads work in the following ways:

  • Sponsored Content is the most common type of content on LinkedIn, with these ads appearing on the audience newsfeed, blending seamlessly
  • Text Ads typically appear on the sidebar of LinkedIn’s newsfeed, giving businesses powerful visibility
  • InMail is used for direct message advertising, sending sponsored messages to specific parties, delivering the opportunity to invite others to industry-related events, or reaching job candidates

These come with different bidding options:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC) is effective in driving valuable traffic to your page and earning leads, letting you pay only when people click your ad
  • Cost-per-impression (CPM) let business push brand awareness using this affordable yet wide fishnet, featuring ads that create impressions without the need for interaction
  • Cost-per-send (CPS) are used to send direct messages to high-value leads, qualified associates, and maximize visibility while displaying the recipient’s elevated status to your industry

These various methods give LinkedIn’s marketing options the capacity for surgical precision when developing qualified leads.

LinkedIn Ad Costs

LinkedIn Ads can range in cost depending on how one chooses to use them.

Three factors influence your LinkedIn advertising costs:

  • Target Audience advertising on LinkedIn lets you compete with other advertisers to get your ad seen. If targeting an audience in high demand, expect higher costs because of that audience’s value and increased competition for their attention.
  • Bidding also impacts your LinkedIn ad costs. That’s because – while you will never exceed your bid – you will pay a portion of it. That’s because LinkedIn’s ad auctions have the winner pay one cent more than the next highest bid.
  • Ad Relevance Score is critical when it comes to LinkedIn advertising costs. A high ad relevance score can lower your expenses because LinkedIn wants to serve users with relevant and engaging ads.

B2B Interaction and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is arguably the best social media platform for business-to-business lead generation, utilizing its effective online marketing strategy to evolve companies into well-known brands and increase conversion rates. Though Facebook has more overall users when compared to competitors, LinkedIn’s specialized approach leads to the highest conversion rate of all when doing wholesale or B2B commerce.

Because it often goes underutilized by many businesses, it also grants opportunities to create powerful connections for growth that make profound status changes.