Instagram Ads Can Take Your Business to the Top and Get it Noticed First – OptFirst Navigates the Way

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform for users between the ages of 18 and 35, with over 500 million active daily users, making it a prime source for businesses looking to mine leads and make an impact in their industry. Users on average tap on shopping posts over 130 million times per month, offering small companies access to relevant audiences on their budget.

Owned by Facebook allowing ads from one platform to translate seamlessly to another, Instagram offers industries that thrive on the visual impact of their products an advantage over their competition.

This is how OptFirst uses Instagram’s epic reach in combination with ads and social interaction to make businesses show up at the top of the feeds that matter when and where it matters.

Large Audiences Meet Laser-Focused Target Marketing

Instagram offers the ability to target specific demographics simultaneously, placing ads in front of people who are looking for your product or service when they’re not looking for it. The 6th most visited website in the world, its users also share an enormous amount of personal data on their profiles. Their friends, family, interests, locations, ideology, and more, are all on display for the world to see, and Instagram logs all its users’ activities. This garners a distinct chance to mold advertising on a granular level with a sniper-like aim on things most significant to a business.

Instagram also lets businesses target specific demographics at the same time, dropping ads into people’s feeds who are in demand for certain services and products when they’re not actively searching for them.

Thanks to its association with Facebook, Instagram allows entrepreneurs to upload customer information from company databases, which Instagram applies to filter users. Taking advantage of third-party data brokers to match ads with potential customers, businesses may improve their ads’ potential reach, discovering new customers with consumer behavior and interests similar to existing clientele.

Low Ad Investment that Provides a Large Return

Instagram has developed into much more than a photo-sharing platform thanks to a multitude of features that help businesses market and sell directly from their app. It provides great potential profit in comparison to what businesses pay for its advertising, giving big-name brands limitless marketing benefits while helping companies with a tight ad budget grow.

Able to connect with anyone who has an account at affordable rates, enabling a huge potential return on the investment, Instagram Ads are a highly viable option for any business that knows how to use them.

Simple Metrics for Max Analytic Transparency

Instagram Ads’ performance analytics capacity is versatile, providing boundless options for expansion. It lets you see what’s working, what could work better, and how, arranged neatly in one place to permit fast and easy modifications based on conversion rates or other social metrics.

It provides measurements on your marketing’s clicks, conversions, page likes, post engagement, weekly reach, and more, making Instagram Ads a basic, user-friendly business commodity.

Harness the Power of Images for Marketing

An essentially visual platform, Instagram Ads can be a powerful driver focusing on images featuring products, reviews, services, or whatever else you think will attract your audience. They smoothly blend images, videos, and other graphic content into users’ News Feeds, granting a level of engagement options in a visually compelling way that’s invitingly well-designed as well as easy-to-use.

Instagram Ads prove that a picture is worth a lot more money than a thousand words.