How do users reach your website? What do they search? Which key phrases are searched the most in your area? The answers could surprise you. 

Do not get bogged down by your own terminology when it comes to keywords. Let data drive your keyword and content choices. Google has two tools that can help you mine for those highest converting keywords:

1.   Search Console Performance Data

Search console provides website owners with valuable search term data within its performance section. Here you can see how users are reaching your website. This report can fill in the gaps between how you think users are reaching your website and how they are actually searching online.

2.   Google Ads Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword research tool within the Google Ads interface allows business owners to see forecasted and historical data on keywords within their target location. You can use the tool for two purposes: first, to see roughly how many impressions your existing keywords are generating, and second, to find additional keywords that are not on your radar.

Leverage these two free tools and optimize your keyword list and website content today! Need help? DM us.