Google ads

When it comes to google ads there are different types of keyword bidding strategies that you can implement to your campaign. 

You can choose between manual and automatic bidding. The difference is simple, one is handled by you while the other is handled by a computer.

Manual bidding can provide superior conversion metrics if you dedicate enough time to your campaign and use all the information at your disposal.

Manual CPC bidding gives you more control, you can set bids for each specific keyword. You decide which keywords are worth their average CPC and which are not. This allows you to allocate every penny to keywords that work for your business.

Automatic bidding works best if you want to streamline your campaign building, or if you have a long running successful campaign with a lot of history.

Automatic bidding lets Google control your costs. You don’t have the option to create bids on the keyword level.  Automatic bidding doesn’t take as much time, and most businesses that do not have as much marketing experience tend to pick this strategy.

Overall we recommend manual bidding if you have the time/experience for it. At OptFirst we have our team review your keywords and bids twice a day, every day. 

We are constantly making sure that our clients are getting use of every single penny!