Instagram Design Trends 2020

Instagram aesthetic trends are constantly evolving. Staying on top of these changes can be challenging, but being consistently on trend can boost both your follower count and reach.

This is especially true if you are using Instagram for your business. Being aware of these trends will help make your business’s feed more attractive to users which encourages engagement, turning it into a marketing tool.

Here are the top five design trends in this month for businesses on Instagram:


Using a series of connected images to tell a story or promote a product selection is nothing new, but over the past couple of months the Carousel Instagram tool has grown significantly.

Natural Photos

The natural aesthetic trend promotes sharing photos that looks unedited.  It gives the image a natural look without much color saturation. This trend is largely showcased in lifestyle accounts and for product images.

Long Captions

Long captions are allowing companies to communicate with their followers and clients in a more sincere and open way. But not any content will do! It’s not about writing filler text, it’s about really connecting with people.

Text in Images

Whether it’s a funny comment, a meme, or an inspirational phrase – including pointed text within a well designed graphic can allow a user to connect more with your brand’s tone and messaging.


Posts around the world are becoming more fun and personal with doodles. Apart from embellishing the design of your post, it allows you to express your creativity with unique and personal designs.

Have you seen some other Instagram trends?