We love WooCommerce. We use it all the time for e-commerce clients. There is something about it’s easy-to-use interface, customization ability, great integrations including Google Shopping, etc. (the list benefits could go on…). It’s perfect for clients that are on a WordPress that are selling 30 products or less.

Since we use WooCommerce a lot, we’re always pointing clients to the manage orders doc page. Additional questions about how to manage orders come up, so we created supplemental procedures that go over how to make address changes, how to process cancellations, how to process refunds, what if a customer wants to add to an existing order or how to manually add an order, etc.

We hope it’s helpful for you.
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 WooCommerce Procedures for Order Management

Go to: https://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin and enter your username/password.

Once you are signed into the WP-Admin section of the website:

woocommerce orders (1)

Once you pull up a customer’s details, it will look like this:

woocommerce orders (2)

Address Change

woocommerce orders address (3)


woocommerce orders cancellations (4)


woocommerce orders refunds (5)

woocommerce orders refund (6)

woocommerce orders refund (7)

woocommerce orders refund (8)

Item Change (swap out an order)

woocommerce orders item change (9)

Add to an Existing Order

Manually Add an Order

STEP 1 – How to Add a User: on the left hand side, click on “User,” then on the top left, “Add New” and then add the required information, “Role: Customer,” and click “Add New User.”

woocommerce mannual add an order (10)

STEP 2 – How to add a new order: under “Woocommerce,” “Orders,” click “Add Order”. You would add all of their customer information (billing/shipping details), then click “Add Line Item”, search for the product, select it. Then manually enter the shipping info, “Calculate Total.” Then “Save Order” and then update to “Processing” so it’s ready to ship. You can also generate an email through “Order Actions” and select “New Order,” “Save Order”

Part 1 of how to add an order:

woocommerce manual order (11)

Part 2 of how to add an order:

woocommerce manual order (12)

View Sales Reports

Manage Reviews on Product Pages


For more information on WooCommerce and managing orders, visit: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/managing-orders/