How COVID-19 is Changing the Game on Marketing Strategies

Over the past few months the use of social media platforms, streaming services and online gaming platforms have increased worldwide. The increase in users has led to a direct increase in marketing spend within these arenas.

Global marketing has been adapting to this trend, prioritizing digital advertising now that users are spending more time at home and on their computers and phones. While other advertising mediums are seeing a decrease in consumption, digital marketing continues to stand.

The pandemic has caused marketers to refocus their campaigns and change their message. The data show that more than 70% of marketing strategies have had to be modified, mostly to prioritize digital mediums, and more than 50% are changing the message to emphasize that the company is still standing and ready for business.

Right now, statistics show that digital marketing will continue to grow in the near future and the actual trends of online marketing and e-commerce shopping will double in importance as a sales channel in the long term.

What is your marketing strategy in these times?