Got a minute?

These are three of the most repeated words in the business world.

Everybody wants to make more money, but nobody thinks about more time. But if you think about it you can make money using your time, but you are never gonna be able to buy more time with money.

Time is precious.

It all comes down to balance. Without money, it’s gonna be hard to make any productive investment with your time, and without time you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your money. The trick is trying to make enough money without sacrificing your personal time.

When someone tells you that they need a minute, this could end up taking more than 20 -30 minutes. This can be very productive, For example, discussing the events of the week, the meeting will allow you to organize your calendar more effectively.

On the other hand, when this happens, it can also consume valuable time that was not meant to be used for that purpose. You need to show your partners and colleagues that you respect their time so that they can respect yours.

Balancing time is not an easy task, but you can start by organizing your time, setting boundaries and ground rules for yourself, working hard when necessary so you can enjoy your free time and find the balance in your schedule.