Reputation Management

Google Ads Reports You Should Be Using

Want to ensure your Google Ads Campaign is achieving outstanding results? There are three Google Ads reports that will help you keep track of your results to make sure you are receiving the maximum number of conversions. 

  • Campaign Report: This report tracks your impressions, clicks, costs, average CPC, CTR, search impressions share, conversions, and conversion rate. These metrics will show you which ad groups are performing the best and allow you to invest more money into the better-performing ad groups.
  • Locations Report: The location report allows you to track which country, state, city or zip code is performing best. By tracking your location’s impressions, clicks, conversions, and CTR you can adjust your spending and target the better performing areas.
  • Keyword Report: The keyword report shows you which keywords are performing best. By having this information you can pause keywords with high costs and low conversions. 

These simple reports will provide you with the baseline metrics you need to create a successful campaign.

What type of reports do you use to track your results? If you don’t use any, DM us for help setting them up!