OptFirst’s Google Ads Campaigns Get Your Business’s Site Where It Needs to Be – On the First Page

When you see an ad for a company's landing page rank high on a search engine results page, chances are its online campaign is somehow focused on Google Ads. An effective way of guiding relevant traffic to a website, Google Ads appear the moment people looking for the products and services being offered press “search.”

It’s simple – by taking advantage of online advertising, businesses can show ads to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, tracking the metrics as Google Ads gathers visitors and they engage with marketing efforts.

Here’s how OptFirst can set up your company’s Google Ads campaign to drive the most applicable and qualified traffic where you want it to go.

Ad Targeting

Google Ads provides the ability to target ads aiming at the right parties. By specifically locating people interested in certain things a business is offering, OptFirst can manage a Google Ads Campaign that is streamlined for cost-efficiency and success.

Google Ads target:

  • Location – Ads appear on Google search results close to the specific area where the search request is made
  • Keywords – Focus on searches containing words or phrases applicable to your products and service. These can also be used to exclude certain words, eliminating traffic that could be related but irrelevant
  • Devices – Fine-tune which devices receive certain ads, when, and how often
  • Demographics – Direct ads to certain age groups, genders, ethnicities, languages, etc., to cater to your clientele
  • Schedule – Display ads at specific times, focusing on hours or days of the week your audience is most active and regulate how often they appear

Measure Effectiveness

When someone clicks on one of your Google Ads, you’ll know when, where, and how they may have interacted with your ad. Whether they tried to contact, made a purchase, downloaded an app, alongside how much time they spent, all these metrics can be assessed.

By gathering this data it’s possible to determine roughly how much it costs for customers to interact with your ads and use these analytical tools to research your clientele’s shopping habits.

This lets you see which ads worked, which didn’t, and how, allowing you to focus your campaign in the right direction for maximum return on investment.

Budget Control and Transparency

Another benefit of Google Ads, there’s no minimum to how much you must spend. You can choose how much is spent per ad, per month, per day, and only pay when someone engages your ad.

Hence, the term “pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign.”

Hands-On Campaign Management

With tools that facilitate monitoring – like offline account management through Google Ads Editor – it’s convenient to make any changes to your account fast. It also allows you to manage multiple accounts from one convenient location, so you can copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns.

With Google Ads Editor, you can download account information, edit campaigns offline, and upload changes to Google Ads, making editing a breeze.