Give Away Your Secrets

Though businesses are typically worried about giving away information for fear of contenders stealing secrets or clients going DIY, many companies are becoming far more transparent during COVID-19.

A new marketing trend over the last few months has several brands giving away their secrets – a move that would have been unheard of just last year – to foster loyalty among potential clientele. 

This approach is driving client engagement while keeping their services and products fresh on the minds of their audiences.  Quality content and services affirm your expertise in the field, fortifying your position as an authority.

Clients who appreciate this direct approach are likely to engage with companies they feel they can trust while also sharing their experiences with their associates. 

Consider opening up and giving away some of your most coveted company secrets. Offering valuable knowledge highlights your contribution to the community and solicits loyalty.  Soon enough your clients will recognize the value your business brings to the table.  

Does your company have any breakthrough secrets?