Effective Marketing on LinkedIn

Marketing on LinkedIn can be expensive and for that reason, many business owners and agencies disregard the social media platform when creating their online marketing strategies. However, we have found that LinkedIn can end up generating your lowest cost per lead, even if the click costs are higher. When you understand the different campaign types and how they work together, you can create a highly targeted, optimized campaign that can transcend industries on LinkedIn. Here are four tips:

  1. Utilize the Different Campaign Types
    We use a two-fold approach to reach our target audience on LinkedIn. We aim to show up in a user’s feed and in their messages. Creating this dual visibility allows us to present a concise message in feed ads, and then expand that message with more tailored specifics in the message ad. It also works to familiarize the user with your brand. Providing two touchpoint opportunities can increase click and lead rates.
  2. Remarketing with the Insights Tag
    In addition to having multiple campaign types, it’s important to have different targeting segments as well. Once the LinkedIn insights tag is installed correctly on your website, you can use your website data to create custom audiences and remarket to your website visitors on LinkedIn. When used in conjunction with a Google Ads and Facebook Ads remarketing campaign, you can follow your remarketing audiences across all major websites and social media apps.
  3. Use the Lead Gen Feature
    LinkedIn’s lead generation feature works exactly like Facebook’s. Users will not have to leave the LinkedIn website or app to send you their information. Typically, this streamlined approach will result in higher lead rates.
  4. Learn from your Results
    When you set and forget a campaign on LinkedIn your results will never be optimized. Analyzing your results week over week and month over month to adjust your audience segments are essential to any campaign growth. In addition to the targeting, creative should also be constantly updated. You don’t want to use the same ad text for months. Find what is working and use that as a road map to create something fresh and new.

Our experience using LinkedIn ads spans several industries. Our most recent launch in the education field was able to outpace competitors in such a way that LinkedIn reps asked us what our strategy was. The above outlines the basic plan you can start with to hopefully enjoy similar results.