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Creating Relevant Online Content

There’s a couple of ingredients key to creating content that reaches the right audience – but they must be used and measured correctly. 

First and foremost, never copy and paste the same information throughout your website, you will only get credit for it once.  And never plagiarize anything. 

Just as importantly, pay special attention to the meta-titles, descriptions, and page titles on the back end of your website.  These are small things critical to ranking.  Keep your headings and sub-headings simple, but always use keywords and phrases relevant to the subject.

If you use blogs as a way of keeping a steady flow of new content on your website, these have to be regularly updated. As you create them, match your topics with keywords and phrases you want to rank for on Google.

Developing these keywords and phrases is as simple as thinking of what you would type into Google to find your website.

Google literally reads your website content searching for information in key spaces to match what users are searching for online.

Is your website’s content taking advantage of Google’s content sifting?