The Importance of Hi-Def Graphics and Pictures to Successful Internet Marketing

High definition images and crisp graphics have a powerful magnetic effect on the human eye and are easily adaptable to websites and social media.  

If your imagery has a sharp aesthetic and a professional tone, the chances of getting views and clicks are exponentially higher than just running with some text or jamming out a fuzzy picture.

Strong imagery also pumps life into products and services, engaging your audience’s curiosity on social media while making your content worthy of a higher ranking on search engines.

You don’t have to be an artist. It just takes having the right team in your corner.

What Makes a Great Marketing Image
1.       A picture is worth a thousand words – choose them wisely or your audience won’t listen!  Sometimes less is more, just make your point.
2.       Definition and detail are key to visual engagement. Blurry pictures repel audiences.
3.       The use of symmetry, depth, framing, negative space, perspective, and other visual composition techniques can compel viewers to take action.
4.       A little color theory goes far.  Have fun with it, but always make sure your choices match.
5.   Establish a marketing theme – whether that be a color scheme, style, etc. – to help brand your product or service for future promotion. 
Can you think of some iconic logos and images that incorporate any of these principles?

Show everyone how you’re protecting them during COVID-19.

Clients must know your business is following CDC guidelines in the era of COVID-19 – not just for their safety and your bottom-line – but to develop trust. 

The question is “how?”

Check out this short-list of COVID tips that are sure to make your customers feel secure:
Make a banner for your site explaining the measures your business is taking to combat infection
Post pictures on social media to show the implementation of these measures
Use ads as a PSA to promote your business following CDC safety guidelines/regulations
Use popular hashtags (#staysafe, #coronavirus, #cdc, etc.) whenever you post on social media
Send clients a non-solicitous email explaining how your business is taking their health serious
The options are endless – only limited by your imagination and desire to overcome COVID-19.  But if you need any help, you know who to call.

What are you doing to keep your clients safe?

Gmail’s New Meet Integration Offers 16-Person Chat, Streamlined Security & Personalized Options All from Your Inbox

Gmail’s New Meet Integration Offers 16-Person Chat, Streamlined Security & Personalized Options All from Your Inbox

Google’s recent assimilation of Meet with Gmail couldn’t have come at a better time – simplifying life for their users while giving popular competitors a run for their money 

With features like 16-person chat, tab/audio sharing, cutting-edge protection, and several other options, Google’s integration of Gmail with Meet is going off without a hitch.  

Growing out of Google Hangouts, Google Meet has several of the same elements as its predecessor but incorporates key characteristics from competitors.  Clearly borrowing Zoom’s aesthetic, Google takes things a few steps further, ironing out some of Zoom’s security flaws and offering a seamless user experience from the comfort of your Gmail Inbox.  As part of Google’s G-Suites personal cloud, Google is not charging customers for upgrades to Meet-related features like large video calls during a six-month period ending in September, allowing customers to familiarize themselves while providing communications services during the COVID-19 crisis.

“I’ve seen time and time again customers and prospects coming from other solutions that have not been able to keep up or had concerns in security and reliability,” says Google VP Javier Soltero, pointing to New York City public schools’ jump to Meet from Zoom after the latter’s susceptibility to hackers led to cyber-classroom interruptions.  Soltero goes on to say not developing safeguards for free tools is “inherently wrong.”

Concerns of this matter are critical in business, as any breach in communications and security could have deep impacts.  Considering international demands for social distancing to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus, Google’s new development comes at a pivotal time to assist corporations, institutions, and – most importantly – the everyday user.

Soltero believes this level of security is an evolution and will assist the global Google community “so the products they use at work, they can use at home.”

And critics seem to agree. 

Raul Castanon, senior analyst for workforce collaboration at 451 Research/S&P Global Market Intelligence pointed out, “The integration of chat and video communications into Gmail should provide a more streamlined experience in G Suite that better aligns with user workflows, reducing friction for the end-user.” 

“This should close a gap with key rival Microsoft, which has leveraged its dominance with its productivity suite to gain market traction for Teams,” Castanon elaborates.  “It should also strengthen its position against standalone ‘best of breed’ competitors Slack and Zoom, which have emerged as a competitive threat.”

John Kriney, OptFirst’s CEO, also heralded the introduction, calling it a “brilliant move.”  By “optimizing their opportunities” and simplifying the user experience, John sees the benefit to clients while capitalizing on ad revenue opportunities. 

OptFirst Named a Top Local SEO & SEM Agency on Clutch

OptFirst Internet Marketing is an integrated search marketing firm. We are located in Miami Shores, Fl., and we specialize in PPC and SEO services. Our team of 19 works with small and mid-market businesses in mostly the real estate, legal, education, automotive and business services industries. Due to our performance, we are excited to announce Clutch has named us as one of the leading local SEO firms and one of the leading search engine marketing agencies.

Clutch is a B2B rating and reviews firm located in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. Clutch’s team of analysts utilize client reviews, surveys, and data to help companies in various industries better understand their markets, and to help guide businesses’ buying decisions. This accomplishment would not have been possible without our clients; client reviews are a major component of Clutch’s rating process. They have analyzed our clients, portfolio, and market presence. With 15 reviews and an overall 4.9-star rating, we are honored to receive this recognition.

Check out some of our fortunate clients; we provided digital marketing services for a marketing group. The client needed a marketing partner and help with SEO. We helped the marketing group increase traffic for their clients, and we helped them track their progress.

Clutch’s sister sites—The Manifest and Visual Objects—also recognized our work. The Manifest is an online community that helps businesses with their goals and challenges; we are listed as one of the SEO companies. On Visual Objects, which is a more visually-based platform for businesses to connect, we are included in the list of internet marketing companies.

A 2018 Forbes article emphasizes the importance and gives instructions on how small businesses can utilize SEO and SEM. OptFirst is happy to be a firm that provides these crucial services.

Again, we would like to thank Clutch for this honor and our clients for their feedback. OptFirst looks forward to continuing our current client relationships and building more in the future. Check out our Clutch profile, and contact us about our services.

OptFirst is a leader in SEO and PPC on!

If a company is not appearing on the top of Google, it’s not getting seen. Getting our clients’ businesses maximum online visibility is our specialty at Optfirst. Specifically, we put companies in front of consumers by organic, paid, and local search through SEO, SEM, and other marketing tactics. We also tell our clients how important it is to control their online reputation. One survey found that 42% of businesses monitor their online reputation daily, and businesses also experience a growth in sales from doing so. Optfirst understands the importance of showcasing strong partnerships with our clients, and Clutch has been an invaluable partner in helping us with this mission.

Clutch, a B2B market research firm based in Washington, D.C., features companies across a variety of segments and identifies industry leaders through a proprietary research methodology. They conduct unbiased, verified client reviews on behalf of the companies featured. The voice of the clients is prioritized in the evaluation, and determine how a vendor is ranked, along with a few other quantitative and qualitative factors.

Clutch releases an annual report highlighting agencies that have exhibited outstanding performance across their directory. We’ve recently been included in Clutch’s most recent press release as an industry leader in two segments. Specifically, of the 70 PPC firms in Miami featured on Clutch, Optfirst is proud to have been named #1!

Likewise, in the SEO segment, we were named # 3 on and even made the list of top 20 SEO companies on their sister website, The Manifest. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the time and diligence of our clients to provide positive feedback. We’re truly grateful to work with such great partners. Below are just a few highlights from their reviews:

“I wish I felt this good about every business I deal with.”
“Their work has exceeded expectations and provided successful, measurable results.”
“The most impressive thing about OptFirst has been the personalized customer service and their results.”
“OptFirst’s turnaround time has blown me away, and it’s one of the main reasons I’ve consistently gone back to them.”
“I’m very pleased with their performance and with what OptFirst does as an organization.”

We couldn’t be more excited to have validation from our clients that the quality of the Opfirst team has met their expectations. Search is constantly evolving, and we’re looking forward to taking on new challenges with new businesses. If you’d like to reach more in depth client feedback to feel confident that Optfirst can take your business to the next level, please visit our profile.

AMP impacts organic and paid campaigns

AMP looks to have a larger impact than originally thought. Here is how it looks to impact organic and paid campaigns:


– Early 2016 Google announced that mobile pages that featured certain technologies, like AMP, would get preferential organic search positions in their mobile index results. – article here: Wired – Fast Loading Tech
– Google announced later in 2016 that the mobile-first update would roll out in the first quarter of 2017. The short version is that Google is deleting their original, ‘desktop’ index and only using their newer, mobile index. The mobile index is the only index that will be used to index BOTH mobile and desktop results. What you site warrants to rank on mobile it will rank for both.
– The target was Q1 of 2017 but announced a delay and that it will be rolled out throughout 2017 – article here: mobile first delay article.


On May 23rd Google announced that they will AMP their results and charge 50-60% of the CPC for Advertisers using AMP landing pages in their AdWords campaign.

·        Google Ads, Analytics and DoubleClick Announcements Keynote

·        Bringing the Speed of AMP to Search & Display Ads

In order to accommodate the mass need for business owners and advertisers to build AMP websites and landing pages we recently launched the beta version of our AMP page builder.