Making a Website, Made Easy – WordPress – Part III

These are the last three steps you Should take to launch a successful ecommerce site:

Step 7.

Choose and install useful plugins.

There are MANY wordpress plugins out there for optimizing your website, from speeding up your site to quality of life plugins for your backend!

Step 8.

Add Meta Titles and Descriptions. Improve your SEO.

You want your site to be found on google. Filling up these descriptions is the way to go.

Step 9. 

Make final checks and publish

Here at Optfirst our team of expert web designers can guide you through the whole process of creating your website. DM us for any questions!

Making a Website, Made Easy – WordPress – Part II

These are the next three steps you Should take to launch a successful ecommerce site:

Step 4.

Install your WordPress site

WordPress installation is very easy, most hosting providers will do it in one click and we suggest going this route, as installing it yourself is very complicated.

Step 5.

Choosing a theme for your site’s design.

This step varies depending on the purpose of the website. Buying a theme will save you the hassle of creating everything, and as a plus most of them come with theme builders like DIVI which make building pages fairly easy. 

But there is also the possibility of creating your own theme, letting you do practically anything you would like on your website.

Step 6.

Create and customize your content and pages.

Your website is already set up, now it’s time to start building it.

Making a Website, Made Easy – WordPress – Part I

Have you ever wondered what it would take to build a website for you or your business?

Below we explain in 9 short steps what it would take to launch a successful ecommerce website.

Step 1.

Decide if WordPress is right for you. 

WordPress is a medium complexity content management system. A third of all the websites in the world are built on WordPress.

Step 2.

Buy the right hosting plan.

There are MANY wordpress hosting solutions available. See what is right for you, if you are starting out a shared hosting server will work perfectly.

If you think you will be getting lots of traffic or your website size is a bit on the bigger site, we recommend owning your own server.

Step 3.

Choose and register a domain name

Choosing the right register and domain name can make your website be a success or a flop.

Godaddy and all the big registrars are always a good choice as they have the most features and customer service to help along the way.

Take Your Real-World Reputation Online

Online reputation management is crucial to maintaining a positive internet presence, especially where businesses are concerned. Negative reviews or unflattering press are financially and personally destructive.

Thankfully, OptFirst has developed an effective strategy for dealing with these issues.  Check out these simple moves you can make today to begin managing your company’s online presence.

1.    Review – What’s being said online? 

Google your company or self and see if it matches the story you want the public to know. 

2.    Request – Reach out to get positive reviews. 

OptFirst has developed a mobile app – Review App – which sends text messages requesting a review from specific clients by providing a simple link used to proceed. 

3.    Report – Flag ALL negative reviews.

Go through the effort to flag all fake or misleading reviews that concern you on all social media platforms – these are often removed for violating terms and conditions.  

SEO tips that work

On-page SEO can be a great way to give your rankings a boost. We have put together five simple tips for business owners that they can work through themselves. No programming and no development costs. 

  1. Homepage Keyword Integration
    if you want to rank for a keyword, it has to appear in your content – more then once!
  2. Easy to Call, Buy or Submit a Lead
    Your phone number (if applicable) should appear on every page. You should have a contact form or a contact button on your homepage above the fold. Your buy now buttons should stand out.
  3. Keyword Variations

How many different ways can somebody search for your service? Don’t just pick your favorite phrasing and stick with it. Figure out how your customers reach your website and integrate those key phrases that will help boost your ROI.

  1. Call to Actions that Pop
    Use one contrasting color to your theme and use it sparingly throughout your website for important elements like buttons, phone numbers and calls to action.
  2. Optimize your Meta Titles and Descriptions

Are you using all of your best keywords in your meta titles and descriptions? Remember to stay within the recommended character limits so your curated descriptions don’t get cut off.

These five easy tips provide a simple roadmap to basic on-page optimizations that could still have a profound impact on your search rankings.

Campaign Tracking and Analytics in a Shared Workspace – Part II

OptFirst uses our very own proprietary dashboard called CampaignDash as the workspace we share with our clients. Before we connect them to their CampaignDash account, we provide login information and always give clients a tour of the platform. 

Through this shared dashboard, we can all connect with popular analytic account services like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Bright Local, and more.  In real-time. 

We also connect clients with a digital relationship management platform – like Salesforce for example – to track down online form leads. In many cases, we also connect phone tracking to collect phone calls generated by our campaigns. 

Using a shared workspace allows everyone to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not.

OptFirst, working alongside our clients, has made critical changes in campaigns, dramatically increasing conversions.  A collaborative approach always pays off with better results.  Overall, our ability to work and track analytics in one shared space has paved the road to more happy clients and successful online marketing campaigns. 

Does your online marketing agency provide open access to your company’s analytics?