What I Learned from a Famous Photography Company

What I Learned from a Famous Photography Company

There is a true story about a company, who dominated the whole last century in the photographic market.

At the end of the 70’s the company became the king of the field with more than a 90% of sales on photography consumables. However in the late of the 90’s, they began having financial problems. The question is why?

Since the company thought the American consumers would never forget their brand they did not want to move fully into the digital photography market.

The company’s inability to see digital photography as a disruptive technology would continue their decline in sales.

They slowed down their development to the new Digital era for fear it would threaten their other analogical products.

They saw this situation as a threat for their long established business. Unfortunately, fears became reality and they had to filed for bankruptcy.

But the lesson is there for all of us.

Are you seeing your actual situation as a threat or like an opportunity to become stronger?

Why we recommend using WordPress:

Why we recommend using WordPress:

According to our experience and established facts, WordPress has demonstrated to us and our clients why it is the most widely used CMS in the world.

To start off, WordPress has 38% of web sites in the world, from typical hobby blogs to the biggest sites online. WordPress allows users to modify their site easily with advanced personalization. WordPress is also always prepared for any new SEO trends, and perfectly compatible with PPC ads.

WordPress is fully compatible with AMP. Since the mobile internet usage surpasses desktop usage worldwide, plugins like AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) makes your website faster for Mobile visitors by taking advantage of the Google AMP Cache.

This means more leads from your website since clients are less likely to bounce off your site because it is loading immediately.

So, are you interested in a WordPress site?

The Power of Facebook Ads

The Power of Facebook Ads

With literally more than 3 billions of users every day, Facebook has become a digital multinational municipality capable of connecting every corner on Earth with just a simple post or DM.

But, while Facebook is a community larger than most countries, connecting with individual users from a marketing standpoint isn’t always easy.

Most brands – especially those who are starting – recognize that a simple Facebook update is simply just not enough even if they’re investing in efforts to drive visitors to their business’s page or website.

That’s where Facebook Ads come in. These highly optimized ads are capable of targeting specific audiences who are most likely to interact with certain products or services based on analytics and insight.

Facebook Ads are broken down into 3 categories:

Step 1: Campaign – Based on the goal you wish to achieve, you will select the appropriate objective. There are three different types of marketing objectives: Awareness, Consideration and Conversions.

Step 2: Ad Sets – After you have selected your strategy, then you will focus on creating your custom audience. Targeting the correct audience will make or break your ad.

Step 3: Ads – The last step is when you choose what creative you want to use. This can include images, videos, feed text, URLs, display link text, and a call to action button. You are able to select from the 5 different types of ad formats: carousel, single image, single video, slideshow, and canvas.

Have you tried Facebook Ads before?

Increase Instagram “Saves”

Increase Instagram “Saves”

Instagram’s “save” option is an effective way to measure engagement that also pushes interaction through its algorithm.

The more “saves” a post receives, the more Instagram will share it organically. In other words, “saved” content allows other Instagram users to discover it easier while providing an avenue for anyone to revisit it again and again.

Here are a few ways to take advantage of this Instagram feature and will be useful for the long term running.

✔Post infographics, People will use such content for later use.

✔Use fresh content, People will love to save it

✔Post related Quotes, They are very useful and very effective.

✔Make posts with tips and hacks, People will want to revisit

✔Insert a Call to Action ! Ask the audience to save the post.

Is your business “saving” itself?

Be Inspired, Don’t Copy!

Nowadays, we are surrounded by all types of information and resources that can be used for inspiration.

All we need to do is go online and immediately we will have an abundance of ideas available in seconds.

However sometimes, we can find ourselves stealing the work of others, rather than being inspired to create our own work.

Of course we can admire the work of others and use it as a source of inspiration.

But the best way is to take some elements that define your style and add your own touch.

Stamp your Essence!

Here are some ideas on how to be inspired without copying the work of others:

Have fun!
(Take a refreshing break to your usual practice.)

Select a few reliable sources.
(Find key sites or accounts that can help you achieve your creative goal.)

Change Your Environment.
(Change your scenery. Modify your environment to your convenience.)

Read A Book.
(Learn through another’s story. Reading empowers you to empathize with other people through their story.)

“Practice makes perfect”
Continue to create everyday. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Sooner or later your work will become natural, proficient and skillful.

What ideas do you normally use to become inspired?


Delving further into our last post – regardless of platform, graphics and content are the things that really make an engaging post.

The formula is simple: an attractive image hooks the audience, arousing interest in a post, followed by captivating content that reels them in.

Take your time with these. Do research, incorporate effective hashtags, and play with fonts, titles, and colors. This can be a fun process that brings out the creativity in you and your team so approach it as such.

Check out this list of tools for graphics, content, and inspiration:

Adobe Stock(Paid)

Medium newsletters
The Verge
The Brief

Google Fonts