Give Away Your Secrets

Give Away Your Secrets

Though businesses are typically worried about giving away information for fear of contenders stealing secrets or clients going DIY, many companies are becoming far more transparent during COVID-19.

A new marketing trend over the last few months has several brands giving away their secrets – a move that would have been unheard of just last year – to foster loyalty among potential clientele. 

This approach is driving client engagement while keeping their services and products fresh on the minds of their audiences.  Quality content and services affirm your expertise in the field, fortifying your position as an authority.

Clients who appreciate this direct approach are likely to engage with companies they feel they can trust while also sharing their experiences with their associates. 

Consider opening up and giving away some of your most coveted company secrets. Offering valuable knowledge highlights your contribution to the community and solicits loyalty.  Soon enough your clients will recognize the value your business brings to the table.  

Does your company have any breakthrough secrets?

Social Media vs. COVID-19 Crisis

Social Media vs. COVID-19 Crisis

Since COVID-19’s emergence, social media has experienced a drastic increase in usage, serving to keep the community entertained, connected, and informed.

However, there’s no denying these are tough times for all and no amount of social media can help that struggle.

That said, apps like Instagram and Facebook are helping keep businesses afloat by keeping them and their clientele in touch while facilitating commerce during the pandemic.

With ad costs dropping across all platforms, there is a silver-lining as brands can interact with their audience and provide some semblance of comfort.

Businesses who cut back spending in certain areas are reinvesting that money into websites, online marketing, and social media ads to keep their brand alive while engaging customers.

Meanwhile, People Are Spending 20% More Time in social media.

By increasing the digital presence budget, companies can connect with existing customers while fostering new relationships with potential patrons and bringing everyone a little respite.

Today, like never before, brands need to move toward the entirety of their marketing, including social media, in a deliberate way.

How are you using social media to fight back against COVID-19?

10 Keys to Success with Instagram’s algorithm Key 2. Consistency

10 Keys to Success with Instagram’s algorithm Key 2. Consistency

Legend has it that millennials can’t go more than 5 hours without checking Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and these platforms love having an audience.

That’s why they incorporate basic human psychology when creating their algorithms. They’ve made use of primal instincts that pump serotonin into the brain for marketing purposes.

Human habits like routines and the innate desire to be “liked” make the constant flow of original content the “bread and butter” of social media.

This makes generating content consistently one of the keys to success with Instagram’s algorithm.

Old posts get buried in time while fresh, engaging, updates produce relevant material that prompts interaction.

This gives the content more relevancy, directing it toward other users who may be interested, feeding the social media machine.

Commit to a specific time and day for Instagram posts and be consistent. You’ll see the effects of the algorithm as it memorizes your schedule soon enough.

Is your business harnessing the power of consistency on Instagram’s algorithm?

Problem Solving Through Internet Marketing

People don’t always know how to solve their problems even when they know what they are – which is where your business comes in.

At the end of the day, nobody really cares about what you’re advertising, only whether or not it satisfies the urge to fix that demand. There will always be problems, so the goal of any marketing campaign should be to fulfill the need of the intended clientele by getting your products in front of the consumers who are most likely to buy them.

But there’s a catch: If a problem can’t be solved easily, solutions will be sought elsewhere or it can be overlooked altogether. If it becomes a burden to purchase something online because of slow loading speed, difficulty navigating a website, or inefficient transactions, it’s likely the original predicament will remain unsolved.

In other words, an internet marketing campaign is basically a means to an end and it needs to provide this end as conveniently as possible.

Is your business providing your audience a simple way to solve their problems?

So, what is SEO? Vol I

That’s the question we receive every day.

Most Internet-based companies already have at least a general understanding of what is SEO and how it can help drive traffic.

Many people know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, But how does SEO work?

At its core, SEO is a strategic way to position content so people can find it on search engines.

Businesses take advantage of SEO to increase the amount of traffic going to their site and by placing their content in front of people who want to see it.

While that’s a brief overhead shot of the SEO concept, there are several things happening on the logistical backend of a website to connect users with the information they want.

We will continue this in the next post about SEO…

Is your business taking advantage of SEO’s marketing capabilities?

Quantity vs Quality on Instagram

Let’s examine two situations and discuss the pros and cons of each.  

Option 1:  You have 10k followers on Instagram. You post twice every day. You receive 100-200 likes per post. 

Option 2: You have 4k followers on Instagram. You post once every day. You receive between 600-1,000 likes per post.

Many people will choose the first option because they will get excited about the possibility of having 10k followers. 

However,  the second option is clearly better.


Simple: you want your followers to engage with your post, more engagement, more likely that they will buy from you.  It’s better to have five good active followers than 100 ghost followers. You also want your post to make an impact on your followers. 

Make sure you aren’t sacrificing great content! It’s always better to post one good engaging picture rather than two mediocre updates per day.  

which option you would prefer ?