Seven steps to becoming an author and why it’s important to your business

Have you ever thought of becoming an author?

Nowadays, it’s easy to write a book and have it published  – it just takes a few basic steps.  

And the best part is none of them involve a big publisher or getting “discovered” by an agent.

Following this 7 step plan can help you become an author and get a Google Knowledge panel – and that equals free marketing.

Step 1. Outlining

OptFirst will take all existing content to help you create chapters, titles, and outlines to develop the first draft.

Step 2. Editing

OptFirst will find a professional editor who will provide a few rounds of edits on your completed content.

Step 3. Digital Formatting

We’ll then format the book for each type of publication – including printable, Kindle, e-Pub, and PDF – so every page looks its best.

Step 4. Publishing

OptFirst will publish the book with our existing publisher, who will create an ISBN number.

Step 5. Syndication

Optfirst will get the book syndicated on all available platforms including; Amazon, Google Books, Apple,, and more.

Step 6. Printing

OptFirst will format a printable book and source out a printing company that meets your quantity and quality goals.  

Step 7. Promotion

We’ll create a landing page so the book has a website, claim the Google Knowledge/Bing Panel as an author, and link other online assets.

So, what would your book be about?

How & Why to Claim, Create & Control your Google Knowledge Panel

Valuable Online Real Estate Available for FREE

Google users are noticing more and more knowledge panels when searching for their favorite artists, writers or companies. What’s a knowledge panel? It is the expanded section on the right-hand side of the Google result, and over the past year, Google is showing the knowledge panel more frequently. The knowledge panel is made up of a collection of aggregated information (dates, names, biographical details, net worths, popular songs, etc) found on 3rd party sites.

Knowledge Panel Getting Stronger

Google released the Knowledge Panel, aka KP, in 2012, but has been showing it more and more in SERPs over the past year. It is now one of the most valuable pieces of internet real estate a person or business can control, especially when using it in conjunction with a reputation management/building campaign. Here are the two steps to claim and make changes to a Google Knowledge Panel. 

Claiming a Google Knowledge Panel

Claiming a KP is done through a verification process and can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Google requires a valid governmental ID and proof of control for the social media accounts related to the person or business cited in the existing generated Knowledge Panel. FYI – a panel can not be CREATED, only CLAIMED. It must already be created by the Google Algorithm and then claimed through Google’s required process. Information from Google about how to claim an existing KP is available here

Verifying a Google Knowledge Panel

Once verified, changing information can also be an unfamiliar process since no information can be directly edited and changed instantly. Changing the information is done through a ‘suggest an edit’ submission by the verified Google account that controls that knowledge panel. All edits submitted (that can or will be approved) have to be cited elsewhere on the internet from a 3rd party source, much like the Wikipedia process of editing information on a verified page. Items that are available to change using this process are shown below.