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AMP impacts organic and paid campaigns

AMP looks to have a larger impact than originally thought. Here is how it looks to impact organic and paid campaigns: SEO – Early 2016 Google announced that mobile pages that featured certain technologies, like AMP, would get preferential organic search positions in their mobile index results. – article here: Wired – Fast Loading Tech – Google…

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5 Reasons We’re So Amped About AMP

As we all know, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are kinda huge deal for anyone that has a website that people view on a mobile device, i.e. everyone. The AMP framework basically strips away many of the unnecessary web page elements that slows down the mobile experience making it much faster for users. For anyone…

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How to Manage Orders on WooCommerce

We love WooCommerce. We use it all the time for e-commerce clients. There is something about it’s easy-to-use interface, customization ability, great integrations including Google Shopping, etc. (the list benefits could go on…). It’s perfect for clients that are on a WordPress that are selling 30 products or less. Since we use WooCommerce a lot,…

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Why Google’s laughing all the way to the bank with Google Plus

Social media companies have rejoiced! They finally killed Google Plus and no longer have to post on their clients’ accounts!!! YEAH! So Google is killing Google Plus and what does that mean for social media? Google Plus was merely the bridge between Google’s core products: Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps, trying to make…

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5 Top Local Search Factors

As the head of a leading internet marketing firm, I’m asked what the top criteria are that determine first page map results. In the past I found four top criteria in search engines determining local rankings: Business Name – The importance of this increases exponentially as the business has multiple locations and can now be…

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