Nowadays, we are surrounded by all types of information and resources that can be used for inspiration.

All we need to do is go online and immediately we will have an abundance of ideas available in seconds.

However sometimes, we can find ourselves stealing the work of others, rather than being inspired to create our own work.

Of course we can admire the work of others and use it as a source of inspiration.

But the best way is to take some elements that define your style and add your own touch.

Stamp your Essence!

Here are some ideas on how to be inspired without copying the work of others:

Have fun!
(Take a refreshing break to your usual practice.)

Select a few reliable sources.
(Find key sites or accounts that can help you achieve your creative goal.)

Change Your Environment.
(Change your scenery. Modify your environment to your convenience.)

Read A Book.
(Learn through another’s story. Reading empowers you to empathize with other people through their story.)

“Practice makes perfect”
Continue to create everyday. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Sooner or later your work will become natural, proficient and skillful.

What ideas do you normally use to become inspired?