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AdWords Campaign Management

OptFirst is a Google Certified Partner and has the experience and ability to track and analyze traffic data to maximize sales, calls and form conversion.

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Google AdWords

OptFirst has proven results when it comes to Google AdWords management and other types of Google advertising. We Focus on unique ads, high click through rates, higher conversion rates, and many other factors, to drive calls, leads, and sales to our clients.

Adwords campaigns can drive the highest ROI of any advertising efforts. We measure the conversions through our internal client reporting system, Campaign Dash. This client portal keeps track of every call, lead or sale that is driven to your business through OptFirst’s online marketing efforts.

Google Search reaches potential buyers at the precise moment they’re searching for your product. We are able to target age, gender, and interests to reach your consumer base. Our past results have shown, we’ve been able to increase business for our clients by providing well managed campaigns – we stay on top of your account and make continuous adjustments to optimize your marketing.


Have you ever gone to a website and then notice the product you were looking at follow you around while on the internet, when you check your Facebook, your favorite blog or the newspaper? This is ReMarketing.

We send past visitors back to the website to re-engage and make the purchase or request a quote. We build the targeting list from your website visits then run your ad on the Google Display Network. The best thing about the Google Display network is that 80% of all websites have this feature. This not only includes the Google Search and Display Networks, but also Facebook and YouTube.

ReMarketing is also one of the most cost effective options of online marketing. We can build target lists for less money than traditional AdWords. The cost comparison is as low as 1/10th of an AdWords ad.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a great complement to a Google Adwords campaign. We create highly targeted, product driven shopping campaigns. We direct traffic to retail product pages to drive sales. For e-Commerce websites, the performance of product listing ads is considered 69% “slightly to much better” than Google AdWords search alone. 


Landing Page Testing

The internet is constantly evolving. We get that and stay on top or ahead of all the trends in the internet marketing world. OptFirst creates the best landing pages and consistently revisits landing pages to make sure they are being as effective as possible and find ways to tweak them using proven methods to increase conversion levels. OptFirst was featured on LandingPages.com for our A/B testing.


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