Now that your business is gaining positive traction online and the negatives have been addressed, the final step in OptFirst’s 8 Step Reputation Management Plan is to regulate all reviews moving forward. 

This can seem overwhelming considering the vast array of review platforms available, but it can be done efficiently through review monitoring services.  

For example, top review sites that offer review monitoring services are Brightlocal.com, Reputation.com, and OptFirts’s very own software, Review App. 

Some social review platforms – like Google My Business – offer free review monitoring with email notifications while Facebook and Instagram can alert in several ways. 

Below is a list of some of the most popular general and industry-specific review sites.

Top Online Reputation Sites 

• Google My Business 

• Facebook 

• Yelp 

• Angie’s List 

• Better Business Bureau 

Product Review Sites 

• Amazon 

• ConsumerReport 

Health Care Review Sites 

• HealthGrade 

• Realself.com 

Real Estate Review Sites 

• Realtor.com 

• Trulia 

• Zillow 

Legal Review Sites 

• Avvo 

• Superlawyers 

How do you plan to monitor your business’s online reputation?