Step 7 in OptFirst’s 8 Step Reputation Management Plan is recycling.  This involves taking your most popular content from the past and reusing it across multiple platforms.  Repurpose positive reviews and press in every available manner, creating great cross-channel exposure for your company. 

For example, if you have a positive news article on local news, share it on your company’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.  

The same thing with a positive review your company receives on Google My Business – post it on  Facebook or vice-versa.  Capitalize on every bit of good coverage from clients, experts, and associates simply by posting it on a separate platform.

Another great way to recycle company content is to take your website’s high traffic pages and repost them to the company’s LinkedIn, Google My Business, or Facebook business pages.  If the “frequently asked questions” section has traction on your site, it will likely do the same somewhere else.  

There are various ways to take advantage of this type of cross-channel recycling – so get creative!

What’s some great company content you can repost to capitalize on the past?