The next move in OptFirst’s 8 Step Reputation Management Plan is simple – reach out.

Contact some of your clients and request a review.  You can do this in person, over the phone call, with an email, or a text message.  However, verbal requests can create a disconnect between your customer.  They might tell you “yes, I will leave you an online review” and forget or just not do it. 

That’s why OptFirst developed our own WordPress plugin for clients to request reviews. 

Since the average email open rate is 18% with a 7% click rate, we needed to find a way to help our clients get more engagement.  We solved this challenge by going mobile: SMS open rates are 90% with a click rate of 60%. 

So our solution is Review App, a mobile app that requests reviews via text message. 

If you want to see customer reviews pop up online, products like this are the next logical step to start generating online reviews for your business. 

How do you plan on asking your clients what they think?