8 Step Reputation Management Plan Step 1:Regroup

Businesses are defined online by their reviews making internet reputation management critical to running profitable campaigns.  But sometimes these things are outside of our control, making it wise to have a strategy and stay a few steps ahead of the curb, bringing us to OptFirst’s 8 Step Reputation Management Plan. 

First, regroup and revisit what your company stands for – outside of being profitable, of course. Go back to when you started the company and remember all the ideas that ran through your head about how the company was going to change, or even create, an industry. 

What was the company’s mission statement? The purpose of your mission? What were/are your  founding principles? 

Remember what your company stands for and honestly evaluate what your clientele thinks. For example, OptFirst’s “why” is simple: “To increase calls, leads, and sales.”  We can track how our efforts accomplish these goals, helping us develop a positive reputation. 

Customer service is the heart of any business, so do everything you can to provide customers what they expect of you.

Is your business cultivating a positive online presence?