8 Step Product Page Checklist – Step 8: Related Items

The final phase of OptFirst’s 8 Step Product Page Checklist involves giving your website’s visitors more of what they want.

When customers land on a page that may not be exactly what they were looking for, give them a carousel of related or similar items to help them out and entice curiosity.  

Make sure to include items that are frequently purchased together – this enhances a customer’s user experience and pushes your business’s productivity. 

A carousel featuring products can also show-off some of your most popular items, demonstrating their value while accumulating site traffic. 

This is especially effective if they land on something that isn’t quite what they wanted.  A strategy that’s helped Amazon reach its multinational status, it’s important to offer your clients different options so they don’t go looking for them somewhere else.  

Now that your site has visitors, don’t waste the opportunity!  Keep them browsing as long as you can – it will increase the odds of commerce.

Is your site helping clients bundle purchases by making it easier to find what they need?