8 Step Product Page Checklist – Step 4: Quick Loading Media

Hi-resolution images and videos are essential to any modern website, but even the sharpest definition is useless if the media is slow to loads – especially in e-commerce.

Shoppers want product photos that are large, detailed, have zoom in/out abilities, and load fast, but some of these features may cause a site to lag.

If bigger image files are allowed to hamper loading pages this can hurt SEO ranking, keeping a site and its potential visitors disconnected.

Most importantly, however, sluggish loading pages will irritate your shoppers and send them running to another online vendor.

So it’s crucial to strike that balance between speed and aesthetics. Examine your site’s photo web-ready compression capabilities and allow them to do their work.

These will condense any files while preserving their quality, streamlining the connection so your visitors have the best user experience available.

How quick on the draw are the images loading into your website?